Like what you see, but have something diffrent in mind? I can create the perfect piece for you, choose your shape, size and colours and I will do the rest.

Circle 30cm$80.00
Circle 50cm$185.00
Circle 60cm$245.00
Circle 90cm$485.00
Circle 120cm$785.00
Quadrangle 60cm x 60cm$295.00
Quadrangle60cm x 90cm$420.00
Quadrangle 60cm x 120cm$545.00
Quadrangle 90cm x 90cm$595.00
Quadrangle 90cm x 120cm$795.00
Side Table Starting from $150.00
Coffee Table Starting from $300.00
Cheese Boards Starting from $50.00
Lazy Susan Small $69.00
Lazy Susan Large $130.00
Serving Trays Starting from $55.00
Serving Trays $130.00
Grazing Boards Starting from $99

To commission a piece, contact me on 0417 631 630,
email or use the contact form below.

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