About Me

I'm Bec. An artist and interior designer in Adelaide, South Australia.


Born in Adelaide, Bec is an emerging abstract artist.

I like to create stunning fluid art by bringing together acrylic, ink, pigments and resin to manipulate it into something unique.

With my skill and experience, I can control the resin, however only to a certain degree as resin truly does have a mind of its own; it just flows as it pleases. Each and every single piece of artwork is truly one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

All of my finishes are of a great quality and are super glassy –¬†photos truly do not do them justice, which can also make it hard at times to photograph my work.

I also create a vast range of home decor items, in conjunction with my amazing wall art; I also love to make Serving Trays, Cheese Boards, Side Tables and coffee tables.

My objective and my passion, which fuels what i do, is to create magical and timeless pieces, that will live in your home, for you to enjoy, for years to come.

I hope that you get the same pleasure of viewing and owning my work, as I do, from creating it.

I also have a Diploma in Interior Design. Consequently, I am highly influenced by colour psychology and I find inspiration from homewares, architecture and everyday objects to create my work.